Welcome and please take some time to know more about me and what I can do for you…

Were you wondering how to expand your sensory horizon and immerse yourself in a true tantric experience?

If you would like to let yourself be seduced into enlightened states where your mind and your body will finally be dancing in a blissful union, you have found the right person.

There are not many who can offer a deep understanding of your body’s capacity for delight combined with irresistible juiciness and passion that will only make you want to explore more.

I am Sienna and this is the doorway for you to find me and other beautiful, talented, playful and experienced practitioners in tantric massage and pleasure.

I have traveled around the world to learn the transformative power of tantra, Lomi Lomi massage, thaiyoga, body dearmouring, energy work, Somatic Experiencing, the Wheel of Consent and Tao sexual qi gong, while giving hundreds of sessions in those arts. 

I’m lucky to be gifted with smooth soft velvety skin, a gentle electric touch, a beautiful smile,  a sexy voice, crystal blue eyes, sexy curves and legs that need no heels to look perfect …

Whether you desire an uplifting sensual experience or a deeper insightful exploration jnto the shadows of your desires, every cell of your body will feel my unwavering and focussed attention to your needs – surrendered completely.

I offer sessions moulded to your specific needs. It could be an exploration of  the potential of female ejaculation, male injaculation, becoming multiorgasmic or full body orgasms, chakra focus, kink&domination, connection focus, oxytocin rich super down-regulating sexy snuggle, unblocking the body or healing organs through sexual energy.  Or we could just let spontaneity and passion lead us where it may….

I’d be delighted if you choose a four hands-experience with an extra female or male practitioner whether you’re a couple or single.

Do not hesitate to get in touch so we can design your prefect session. I am based in London South Kensington/Knightsbridge area  and I am happy to visit all over London.

Hugs and hoping to hear from you !

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